Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Pat Waldrop, PMHNP, QSAPI

Program Sponsors
Pat Waldrop, PMHNP, QSAPI

Judson Smith, M.D. 

Medical Director   
Judson Smith, M.D.

Corporate Compliance Officer (CCO) 
Stephen W. Kiser, QSAPI

Business Manager
Pam John

Chief of Security
Danny Patton

Head of Security

Jimmy Pendley

Security Officer

Gerald Broaddrick

Lance Stidham

Director of Nurses (DON)
Jennie McDaniel, RN

Clinical Director
Stephen W. Kiser, MS, MLAP, QSAPI

Hugh Stephenson, RPh

Information Systems Officer (ISO)
Stephen W. Kiser

Media Coordinator

Krystal Williams, B.A.

Program Director
Stacy Patton, RN, QSAPII

Clinical Supervisor
Stacy Patton, RN, QSAPII

Maintenance Supervisor 
Mike Dunlap

Melanie Dulaney, QSAPII

Nicole Kennemur, QSAPII

Jennie McDaniel, RN, QSAPII

David Brumley, QSAPII

Kathy Snoddy, RN

Administrative Assistant

Sheila Tittle


(205) 921-3799

1879 Military Street South Hamilton, AL 35570

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