Marion County Treatment Center

Hamilton, Alabama




Chief Executive Officer (CEO)-

Pat Waldrop, PMHNP, QSAPI


Program Sponsors-

Pat Waldrop, PMHNP, QSAPI


Assistant Program Sponsor

Stacy Patton, RN, QSAPII


Medical Director -

N.T. Camp, MD, QSAPI


Corporate Compliance Officer (CCO) -

Stephen W. Kiser, QSAPI


Business Manager-

Pam John


Chief of Security-

Danny Patton


Security Officer -

Gena Rushing

Jimmy Pendley



Regional Director -

Stephen W. Kiser, QSAPII


Director of Nurses (DON)-

Kim Valentine, LPN



Clinical Director-

Stephen W. Kiser, MS, MLAP, QSAPI


Chief Pharmacist -

Tina Herron, RPh


Pharmacist -

Hugh Stephenson, RPh


Information Systems Officer (ISO) -

Stephen W. Kiser


Program Director/Coordinator-

Stacy Patton, RN, QSAPII


Clinical Supervisor/Ex Director -

Sabrina McLain Baker, QSAPII


Clinical Supervisor -

Jennifer McDaniel, RN, QSAPII


Maintenance Supervisor -

Mike Dunlap



Melanie Dulaney, QSAPII

David Brumley, QSAPII

Sabrina McLain, QSAPII

Jennifer McDaniel, RN, QSAPII




Jennifer McDaniel, RN, QSAPII

Cynthia Miles, LPN



Administrative Assistants:

Sheila Tittle