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Marion County Treatment Center

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Hamilton, AL 35570

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Pat Waldop, PMHNP, QSAPI


CEO/Program Sponsor

Pat Waldrop, PMHNP, QSAPI


Medical Director

Judson Smith, M.D.



A light at the end of the tunnel

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be devastating to people of all walks of their spouses, children, and families.  Methadone therapy can help control addiction so the patient can function normally.  The patient will be able to do things that many addicts have not done in some time.


These things include holding a job and becoming a productive member of their family, church, and community.  The treatment received at Marion County Treatment Center will allow the addict to take back control of their life.


We invite you to explore this website to not only find answers to possible questions you may have about methadone maintenance, but to learn more about all drug abuse and the disease of addiction.


The goal of this website is to educate the public about the addiction epidemic we currently face and to allow potential and current clients to learn about treatment.